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Selling Your Home? 

Whether you have moved once or a dozen times it never seems to get easier. The good news is that at REDD MCCARTY REALTORS we have a Conceirge Service that helps with so many of those things that crop up. Need to clean out rooms, have a garage sale, need baby sitter, yard work, spruce up the house before it goes on the market, stage your home for best results, handy man, painter. the list goes on, but the message is clear, we have the contacts to help you throuh the journey.

How important is the agent you choose? 

Very. Listing your property with REDD MCCARTY REALTORS gives you a market advantage. Our network is strong, we have the resources of a global firm but the care and personal attention of our boutique office. Your marketing plan is personalized for you. We are able to present your home globally as well as locally to find the right buyer.

Long gone are the days of one page contracts and handshakes.We have helped guide over 2200 people through the maze of paperwork that encompasses a sale today. From the 5 page sellers disclosure, the 11 page purchase contract,  the mysterious forms, addendums with time lines and enviromental concerns that have popped up in the last few years are all part of our daily interaction with our sellers, buyers, financial lenders, and title companies.

Negotiating is another important part of selling a home. Successful negotiating encompasses the accquired ability to use certain skills and techniques to bring about coveted win-win results. We, at REDD MCCARTY REALTORS, are certified mediators/negotiators and can help you stay focused, objective and not let your emotions rule.

Real Estate is Local.

REDD MCCARTY REALTORS live and work in beautiful Southern Oregon and can explain current market factors in your community including what's selling, what isn't selling and why.This is critical information to setting optimal price and terms. Market conditions and interest rates are just a couple factors that will determine how much you can expect to gain from the sale of your home.

There are over 36 people from 10 different industries that get involved during the 7 stages of your transaction.We work with the leading industry professionals to ensure a quality experience  for YOU,  the most important person in the transaction! 

We, at Redd McCarty Realtors, close 99.9% of our transactions. The average for our area is 58%.